Remmy Mulamba (musically known as BREMMY FZ) was born on September 11, 1992 in  Kampala, Uganda and raised by his mother McKenzie Roseline Alikoba. He attended  Victoria Nile Primary School, Kisubi Queens and Wits College and went on to study Accounting and Finance at NKumba University.  At the age of fifteen Bremmy joined the church choir where his love for music was further solidified.  He grew up listening to  various sounds from reggae artists such as  Bob Marley, Garnet Silk, Lucky Dube,   as well as  hip - hip great 2 Pac  and  legendary Ugandan singers Philly Bongoley  and Lutaaya  all having a great impact on his journey in music.  Bremmy acknowledges tough times have had their hold at various points in his life yet he believes the point he began to have a mutual understanding with his soul he discovered peace. He constantly aspires  to remain positive in the face of adversity because of his love of music. 

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Angelo B was born in Queens, New York. Raised by his immigrants parents and grandmother from Panama, Angelo lived in a home where music was deeply appreciated and the value of hard work was not lost. His father's love of  Jazz, Latin, Reggae, and Calypso  constantly playing in the background of his childhood  home contributes to his love of music. At 26, he began to learn about the filming industry, coupled with his interest in music the power in telling stories through visual and musical art became his passion.  Having worked on major music video sets and  with major TV networks he has also created his own body of work. Valuing the power in telling one's truth and learning from many lessons in life he aspired to build his own empire to include the music label From Zero (FZ) in partnership with BREMMY .